““Though a SERAC is a colossal and majestic sight, it is a humble giant in continuous transformation.”

Norwegian-owned SERAC was founded to create products of such character and quality that they’ll make the words “wear and care” as self-evident as they are modern. Convinced that a lack of care for the products we purchase has resulted in an ever more rapid devaluation and subsequent discarding of our belongings, we believe that a SERAC will endure the test of time and be something that you will return to again and again to cover your everyday life.

We strongly emphasise freedom of movement, everyday convenience, subtle attitude and individual character in our products and choose materials that are responsive to- and will be moulded by their wearer. Our approach should leave nothing to the imagination as we care for the inside as much as the outside, making it possible, if not intended, to wear all of our garments inside out. By observing people and life in motion, we create products that are free from pretension and have developed unique product solutions and aesthetics that adapt to the changing conditions of your everyday life without compromise. We strive to deliver versatile, honest and highly useful products that will increase in value over time.

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Our current production is a limited-edition run of 100 units per style. Additionally, each garment is identified with its own unique serial number, further increasing the value for the owner.

While we are continuously working on new developments and designs, we believe it is crucial to spend time and energy on the fine details of every product we produce so that they each reach their full, individual potential. Our design process and product decisions are thoroughly discussed and debated so that our products won't become obsolete or fall out of fashion. Our designs have been drafted many times and have been fully prototyped five times or more to ensure that we are satisfied with the results and are confident that each style will endure years of use.

Normally a high-end jacket takes 3-5 hours to assemble. Even though our garments may appear clean and straight forward, our designs require a complex assembly that demands as much as up to 8 hours to manufacture. This intricate construction is part of what will make our outerwear hold up over time. To further ensure quality and finish, we’ve established a great collaboration with one of the most renowned manufacturing companies in Northern Italy and have selected only the hardiest of materials to make our products last.

We truly believe in our garments and see them as an important representation of the way we think about clothing - a belief in favour of reducing consumption and learning to care more deeply for the things that surround us.

Your job is to care. Our job is to make it effortless, and keep in mind - it’s only a SERAC through passing the test of time.